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About Us

Guru is an app where Influencers, Content Creators, Online Coaches and Teachers alike can all self-monetize their social interactions bringing all platforms together to 1 central platform. A Guru can message ALL of their followers in 1 quick messinger, all at once. A Guru can hold Live events scalable to handle millions of viewers at once. Guru profiles ar ealso enabled for private 1on1 intera tions as well. Total control is managed by the Guru here in the platform. 


Users can join in on exclusive Live Events created by the Gurus. Registered Users can req privaye 1on1 interactions with both followed and non followed Gurus within the platform. Gurus are being vetted and added regularly,  creating new categories,  keywords,  Live events, and so much more that are exclusive to ONLY Guru App Users. 


The Guru App is an entirely new concept for the next generation of Fans and DIY'ers linking them to their favorite Content Creators and Social Media Influncers turned GURU right here in-app.