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Offering mentorship and sharing knowledge to thousands

  • Guru is an interactive online platform that makes it faster and easier to find an expert with all the answers to all user questions from different fields. It is one of the best platforms that offer opportunities for providers and professionals to share their valuable and tested knowledge and skills with users from anywhere in the world.

  • Our Mission

  • At Guru, our mission is to help people of all walks of life have access to an expert in the immediate time of need. Not having to schedule a consultation week away. No need to drive any long distances. Waiting in a lobby will become a thing of the past. With so many "Do It Yourself" projects in the world, there is a Huge need for expert advice in an immediate time frame for a brief question. Sometimes just a fresh and skilled set of eyes for just a moment can change a person's life.

    This is the reason why millions of people rely on our services to acquire the expert advice or opinion or suggestions they need to complete a DIY project, advance their career, make crucial life decisions and so much more. Our Platform is a vibrant community that helps its users with immediate knowledge and skilled advice through first-hand experiences with experts and engaging discussions with seasoned craftsman, professionals, skilled experts, and influencers alike all in a moments notice

Our expert advice & help

  • Whether it is online tutoring advice, online fitness coach advice, online therapy, online legal advice, or financial advisor coaching the expert advice is right there in your time of need. Designed to be ready the moment you may have a quick question or an in-depth situation, the Guru platform is built with the user's instant needs in mind regardless of topic.

  • Detailed Profiles for every listed Professional

  • We believe that the right information helps you make better decisions. At Guru, we provide you with detailed information on experts, their areas of expertise, and their experience. So that you can make the choices that are right for you.

  • Get advice the way you want, fast and accurate.

  • We make it easy to consult Top Rated Experts. Discuss your concern or issue over our messenger, schedule an audio/video call. Consult with any of the listed experts we have the choice and power is entirely up to you the user. We are ready to help you, at your convenience.